It is funny that my submission was rejected on the opposite POV as according to the reviewer:

"This is a community conference. There are plenty of opportunities for chapters, WMF, and politicians to get together. Esino Lario is not one of them."

I don't know why politicians were mentioned by review as the submission was about education programs of chapters and WMF, but anyway - yes it was addressed to Wikimedia educators - which of course can meet somewhere else, not necessarily in Esino Laro.

So - if you address your submission to the Wikimedia community - the issue is that you can contact community on this list for example, so it is good reason to reject, but if you address this to the more specific group they tell you that WIkimania is a meeting for "community" :-)

Taking such statements seriously - you can always say that you can meet anyone somewhere else to discuss the subject with them.

Also - this kind of  the reviewer statements do not correspond to what was written on criteria page:

"Please note that your presentation does not need to be for everyone; you can specify the target you would like to address."

2016-02-04 11:24 GMT+01:00 Federico Leva (Nemo) <>:
Tomasz Ganicz, 04/02/2016 10:54:
1-4 are IMHO relatively easy to evaluate - I would expect from the
reviews to answer yes or no to them. 5 is a bit tricky as it depends
strongly of what the reviewer think is "at the centre"  - but I would
expect that they at least explain in few words here what they think is
"at the centre" or not :-)

Yet, reviews like the one Andy mentioned clearly address this: his review was a clear "no" for point 5 as it pointed to (the absence of) a mailing list discussion. (I can't check whether that's true.)


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