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Right, let me be quite blunt. This thread is not "undiplomatic", it's an attempt to meddle in the affairs of other chapters, which do not concern you. how would you have liked it if I was trashing the Haifa or DC bids before they were even anything as formal as bids?


Now kindly keep your noses out of other people's business.

(I should probably point out that I'm not speaking on behalf of WMUK)

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You seem to have the impression that the money, which was raised during the Wikimedia Foundation's annual fundraiser, belongs to you and should be spent at your sole discretion. Yet oddly, if I recall correctly, the Wikimedia UK chapter supports the FDC and the WCA - both attempts to internationalize Wikimedia money as 'movement funds.' It should be immediately apparent how these two positions conflict.

It sounds like your UK colleagues may not agree with you, which is heartening, but let me say this anyway: other Wikimedians have, at a minimum, the clear right to express an opinion on how you spend donations from Wikimedia donors. It is rude and way out of line for you to suggest that we not even comment on how you propose to spend donor money or that doing so is inappropriate "meddling in your affairs."