This page needs translation (Spanish to English) too. It's long:

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For people who are asking what they can do to help as part of the
"online team":

* This page needs to be written in English :)
see the Spanish version:

* The FAQ could use a lot of work. Many of the questions can be
answered from Wikipedia or general travel books:

* The question "What is Wikimania" on the FAQ could use a big
expansion and maybe turned into a dedicated "About" page that could
translated into many languages. Maybe add a description of past
conferences, who has attended, who the conference is for, etc. The
pages on Meta & Wikipedia should help with this.

* What about a "what to expect" page for attendees? Past attendees
could write up a description of what the conference is like (of course
every Wikimania is different, but some things stay the same). Or a
"how to get the most out of Wikimania" page?

* Don't forget there is a community portal:
Ideas for the program, planning, requests, to-do items etc. would be
fine to post here.

These are just some ideas for getting started :)
-- Phoebe

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