The Library of Alexandria (and Moushira and Abdel Rahman in particular) helped organize and host an Arabic Wikipedia day yesterday... if I read correctly, people contributed roughly 685 new articles in a day, and 4200 this month (increasing the project size by almost 1% in a day! and 6% this month).  I looked at a selection from today, and nothing seemed scripted, /many/ contributors added new articles, including a number of anons.  And it's good to see that the obligations imposed by the heavier volume is being taken seriously:

I think Khaled Hosny and EGLUG in Cairo helped put on their own Wikipedia day(s?) earlier in August.  There was certainly discussion of Arabic-language editing drives at Wikimania in Alexandria, but it's pretty awesome to see it taking place -- barnraisings are a good spectator sport (and motivation to practice a new language :-).  Congrats to everyone involved, browsing the results made my night.

(who heard about the event but forgot during the day, and was reminded by the sitenotice when browsing ar:wp for something quite different...)