Hello, Wiki folks,

This is an unpleasant message to have to send. But, immediately after registering for WikiMania and booking a hotel room this week, the credit card I was using was fraudulently used for about a dozen purchases on Amazon. Small stuff really, each between $10 and $50. This was a credit card that had not been used before and that I was only using for purchases regarding this trip (conference registration, hotel and airplane ticket). I have never had this happen to me before with a credit card. 

So, either someone associated with the Wikimania registration provider or with the hotel had access to my credit card data. I am also contacting the hotel where the registration was made in case the information was taken from that site. I should say that it isn't the Stockholm hotel associated with this conference but another one in a different city.

The credit card company refunded the cost for all of these purchases so I'm not out any money. And I am really looking forward to this trip! But I just wanted to alert WMF and encourage other conference goers to check their credit card statements in case there are any issues with the registration provider.

Thanks! And I look forward to seeing you all next month in Stockholm!