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> Looks like Eventbrite has made paypal a bit easier to integrate:
> http://help.eventbrite.com/customer/portal/articles/426298-use-paypal-to-process-orders
> (the openstreetmap conferences do this, using eventbrite and also allow me
> to send bank transfer)
> and
> http://help.eventbrite.com/customer/portal/articles/1267789-use-ideal-to-process-online-payments-for-orders
> I realise it's still perhaps not that simple but think it's also not that
> difficult.

I recently used eventbrite to handle the (paid) registration for a
small professional conference - fees a good bit higher than Wikimania
but vastly fewer attendees :-).

It does indeed allow paypal. (IDEAL and SOFORT are offered, but only
where the *location* of the conference is in the relevant country.)

However, it would only allow you to select *one* payment method -
paypal or eventbrite-hosted card processing.

It didn't seem to be
possible to enable paypal as a backup option.

Paypal allows credit card payment also. 

There are some countries where paypal can't be used, which is significant drawback. Don't know if/how this issue applies for the default eventbrite payment option.

(it still wouldn't work well for me, since for some reason (don't ask;) i can't have euro paypal account)

We set up a "free" ticket option to cover people who needed to use
alternative methods of payment (bank transfer, cash-on-the-day, etc)
but I can see the obvious logistical problems in chasing this up on
Wikimania scales!

It can be some of work but not that bad.  worth it imho to accommodate on case-by-case basis. (this is how i register for osm conferences)

In the future, we probably want a registration system (like the scholarship app) that reuses more of the fundraising infrastructure (e.g. Global Collect) and so that each year's team doesn't have to reinvent this. Likely Ellie is aware of this, but revamping the scholarships was enough work for this year. :)




- Andrew Gray

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