I would also help you with moving the files from Youtube to Commons but
Youtube doesn't allow downloading them. I could hack it and grab the FLV
stream and transcode that but I'd rather would like to get the files
directly from you to minimize quality loss. Is there a way you can share
the rendered files - in whatever original format they are?
I can also offer a FTP upload.

If you want to upload the original videos, and as such, want them downloaded, you can try the tool, clipconverter.cc

I haven't noticed quality loss using the above tool. However, the videos will be in .mp4 formats.


On 02/10/2015 09:42 AM, Nkansah Rexford wrote:
> I couldn't upload even a single video of what I did to Wikimedia
> Commons. For whatever reasons, it doesn't WORK. uploading to YouTube
> happens at a breeze. Wikimedia Commons? its a no no.
> All the 6 edited videos on YouTube[1]. I've marked the ones that are
> CC-BY-SA license compliant. (those that aren't yet will be very soon).
> Subtitling will also be added soon.
> I won't be uploading the videos to Commons, therefore. If anyone here is
> interested to upload to Commons, you can download the videos from
> youtube in .webm formats, and upload to Commons.
> I wrote a blog[2] outlining how the doing of all these videos started
> and ended (I touch on why I'm not uploading to Commons in the article.
> With all due respect to WMF and the upload tool devs, the Upload tool,
> both form and wizard, are broken!)
> Will it be in context to write about what went on in getting the videos
> done on Wikimedia Blog?
> Please get in touch if there's any issue with any of the videos on
> YouTube. thanks

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