Firstly Australia isnt a third world country, or a developing country(though som eof our idiotic politicans would like it to be) its also the primary contributor of donations from the region the third highest region for donations to the WMF.

Esino Lario wasnt a transport hub not even a secondary hub it doesnt even have an airport we have those in Australia you know you might also like to know that the third oldest airline and the one with the best safety record is also Australian, oh the black boxes were an Australian invention as well. 

And that wonderful WiFi everyone enjoys at Wikimanias was developed in Australia.

When it comes to regional conference Australia is part of Asia and expected to support programs there, ie in Berlin the WMAU representatives were told we are to support(not negotiable, though we would have anyway) the regional conference in Jakarta in 2017 but when it comes to Wikimania Australia isnt part of Asia, when it comes to scholarships for Wikimania Australia is part of Europe.. Kind of appears to us in Australia that we get shoved to where ever we can be best excluded from the community.   

On 28 June 2016 at 19:48, Manuel Schneider <> wrote:
Hi Gnangarra,

On 28.06.2016 13:16, Gnangarra wrote:
> Thanks for the information Manuel, but where was this session
> who is working on identifying a host, where is this process taking place.

the session was this one:

Afterwards the Wikimania Committee had a meeting, minutes will be posted
soon as soon as they are ready and approved.

The Wikimania Committee is looking for hosts right now according to the
process decided and published last year, everything (incl. the above
mentioned minutes) can be found on this page:

According to the selection process Asia, or as a fallback Sub-Saharan
Africa are the areas we are looking at. Ellie Young has already been in
touch with candidates in Asia and has reported briefly to the Wikimania
In the meeting we just had we clarified that the rotation principle, as
laid out in the Selection Process posted on Meta, is a guideline. If
there are no candidates we will look for a different region, just as we
defined Sub-Saharan Africa as the backup for 2018. Please keep in mind
that the due diligence on the candidate teams and venues is done by the
Wikimedia Foundation, as they are actually paying for Wikimania. The
Committee advices and tries to identify candidates according to the
Selection Process which the WMF then assesses. We will provide
recommendations but we cannot make the final decision.

Maybe an additional word on the Selection Process.
We saw issues with the bidding process. A lot of volunteer time is
wasted on bids that will never make it, mainly due to the rotation
principle that was not documented by intented by many juries.
In order to streamline this and make the rotation principle an actual
part of the process, we created the Selection Process. It does
incorporate he fact that 80% of our current community is in the Americas
and Europe, that flying between developing countries is much more
expensive then to major hubs etc. The Selection Process still includes
developing countries and all major continents but on a basis of "every
other year", to balance the different criteria and the intention for
cheap and efficient on the one hand and a global conference with
outreach in areas we've never been to on the other.

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