I didn't read anything about Type B on the Wikimania website. This does complicate things for me as I don't have a proper connector. I come from India which uses Types C and D. But I am not sure if the Type C used in India will be compatible with the Type C of Egypt. Which type of socket does the Wikimania site have? Is there any facility there of buying/renting converters?


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Hello all / Sabaah al'nour,
I am now in Cairo, al Souk el Tawfikia. Now Azaan of this evening just
begins (so I guess).

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> ['mania tips]
> Power extension cable will help you to keep your laptop powered.
> Connector type is C, which is common in Europe, and voltage is 220V.
> Bring it and share power with Wikimanians.

B or C. (B has earth and in some hotels, only B type socket is
available). If you have a laptop, your AC adopter may be 100-220V
valiable, so no worry. But yes, getting a right connector is crucial.

I'm in Cairo until 16th morning. If someone is willing to join, feel
free to leave a message at 2773 5307. Thanks.

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