Forwarding to Wikimania-l. Kris is subscribed, but for some reason mailman wouldn't let him send to the list.

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Date: 12 Sep 2013 10:30
Subject: Fwd: [Wikimania] Uploading your photo to Wiki Loves Monuments HK
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totally dont know why I cant send to wikimania-l, so somebody help me send this

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Subject: [Wikimania] Uploading your photo to Wiki Loves Monuments HK
Date: Thu, 12 Sep 2013 15:28:25 +0800
From: Kris Cheng <>
Organization: Wikimedia Hong Kong
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Hi all,

If you have noticed, Hong Kong is in WLM this year. All we want from you 
is that you could upload photos of monuments you took during Wikimania.

please go to
note that there are two kinds of monuments in Hong Kong: declared 
monuments and historic buildings.
You can quickly check the list on the page, whether the thing you took 
in HK is a declared monument or historic building.
Then you can upload to relative portals.

It seems HK is falling behind now, please do help! Thanks!


Kris Lok-chit Cheng
General Manager, Wikimania 2013
Tel (Mobile): +852 96194786