Thanks, Ting.

Hi, Marcin.

Is it possible to send invitation letters to people in Mainland China earlier?
If it is possible, I can give you more detailed information.

Thanks very much.

Mingli (Mountain)

On Mon, May 31, 2010 at 9:42 PM, Ting Chen <> wrote:
Hello Marcin,

I am not sure if your process works. Is it possible to send Mountain an
invitation NOW, I think the time is running and people from China is
ALWAYS difficult to get a visa speedy, just to be precautious. Please.

Thank you very much.


Marcin Cieślak wrote:
>> I planed to attend Wikimania this year, and the Poland consulat tell
>> me generally they would take 3 weeks for the visa applications.
>> Also I need invitation letters to Poland first before applying visa.
> Hello,
> Regarding visas: we are now working with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
> to make this process easier. The process we are going to use
> is to inform the MFA and the respective consulate about participants
> that are going to apply for a visa.


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