Of course the wider community is entitled to comment on an individual chapter's decisions. But budgets are misleading things, if the support that WMUK gave to a London 2014 bid was in the form of grants for bid team members to attend Wikimania and a proportion of the event organiser's time then it might not be readily identifiable as Wikimania bid related expense.

If I may suggest a practical resolution here, perhaps the jury for 2013 could clarify what they meant when they criticised the London bid for not having strong support from the UK chapter. If they thought that there was something non-financial that was missing in the UK chapter's support for the London 2013 bid then now would be a good time to tell us all. Otherwise please can those who don't want chapters spending lots of money on Wikimania bids please communicate that publicly to the jury. There is little point criticising the UK chapter for responding so positively to feedback from the 2013 jury.

Ideally I'd like to see a level playing field for all serious bids, including giving active Wikimedians who are potential bidders grants to attend Wikimania. It might even be worth the WMF giving each shortlisted bid a few hundred dollars for incidental expenses. At the same time it would be best if we had a clear ruling from the Wikimania team that despite what they said re London 2013, where chapters have professional staff and their own budgets they should stand back, leave the bidding to volunteers and only involve themselves after a bid succeeds.


On 26 August 2012 14:01, Thomas Dalton <thomas.dalton@gmail.com> wrote:
On 26 August 2012 13:37, HJ Mitchell <hjmitchell@ymail.com> wrote:
> Right, let me be quite blunt. This thread is not "undiplomatic", it's an
> attempt to meddle in the affairs of other chapters, which do not concern
> you. how would you have liked it if I was trashing the Haifa or DC bids
> before they were even anything as formal as bids?

How is it not of concern to the rest of the movement how 40k of
movement funds is spent?

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