> The communications failure and lack of any public consultation before
> throwing away the community driven bidding process, was a very good
> moment to appoint a new Chair of the Wikimania Committee. The
> suggestion at the time was ignored.[1] How can the community force
> real changes, if the Committee is in apparent PR lock-down? From my
> understanding of the history of this committee, it is long overdue to
> appoint a Chair who is not reliant on keeping the WMF executive happy
> for their salary.

Hi Fae,

I did wonder how long how much time would elapse from Arnnon Geshuri's departure  before you demanded someone else resigned from something.

Perhaps for "transparency" you could publish a list of all the occasions you have demanded people in the Wikimedia movement resign from things? By my count we are already on 4 in 2016 alone, which is quite good going for period of 6 weeks :)