The video about Kuandyk (from Kazakhstan) will be released eventually if I can't reach them. I reached out to Kuandyk who was part of the interviewees, but haven't received any feedback.

Please help me get in touch with them, for their approval + translation help. The Kazakh language was like encrypted passwords in my ears when I was editing and I have no idea if where and how I cut them form complete sentences. 

I'll surely and definitely need their help in translating. Or if anyone on this list is a native 'Kazakhstanian', please get in touch and help me out.

I'm currently waiting for approval + translation from the Wikimedia Mexicans (Ivan Martinez and Carmen). I'm sure they're busy with upcoming Wikimania, thus if a spanish can help me with translation, I'll really appreciate.


On Friday, February 6, 2015, Luca Martinelli <> wrote:
2015-02-06 12:16 GMT+01:00 Nkansah Rexford <>:
> Good morning,
> With this email, I say I am done with editing the wikimania videos I took
> last year in London.
> In all, I did one documentary of Wikimania and give interviews parts,
> involving about 6 different languages from all parts of world.
> All the videos are currently on YouTube. Commons will see all the videos
> soon. I'm waiting to get full consent from all the individuals involved in
> all the 5 separate interviews, then I'll batch upload them all onto Commons
> in likely webm format.
> All the videos, when ready will be in this one Playlist on Youtube:

Dear Nkansah, thank you very much for your video! We'll share it on
Wikimedia Italia channels too. :)

Luca "Sannita" Martinelli

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