Thank you! I truly appreciate it. 

On Sunday, September 7, 2014, Pierre-Selim <> wrote:
Hi Naureen,

I've made a selection  of pictures I like <> (obviously I'm biased toward mine, so do not hesitate to remove whatever you don't like).

2014-09-05 9:20 GMT+02:00 Naureen <>:
Hi Everyone:

We have to photography requests! 

1) This is a friendly reminder for people to add all their Wikimania images to the Wikimedia Commons link for our event: 

2) Furthermore, we would value your input on choosing the 100 photo highlights of Wikimania, please add your contribution to photo highlights here: 

Please try to do this ASAP! Many of you guys great photos are still missing from Wikimania's Wikimedia Commons page. 

Thank you so much everyone!
Naureen Nayyar // Wikimania Social Team 

Naureen Nayyar 

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