Forgive me if I’m missing something, but was there ever an announcement to this list about the initial deadline or that submissions were open? 

I was surprised to return from winter holidays to hear that the deadline was being extended, but I never even know about the initial deadline or that submissions were open.

Checking the archives here shows nothing announced in November or December regarding submissions.


-Andrew Lih
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On Tue, Jan 5, 2016 at 4:57 AM, Ginevra Sanvitale <> wrote:
Dear all,
I'm writing to inform you that the deadline to submit a presentation
proposal for Wikimania 2016 has been extended. *The new deadline is
January 17th*.
We received some complaints about the fact that the deadline has been
anticipated with a too short notice and in a holiday period for a lot of
people. We regret this miscommunication and we hope that the new
deadline will make things better. The reason why we decided to not
reinstate the initial deadline (January 31th) is that we don't want
to be too distant from the scholarship committee timing, in order to
take into account the contribution that the participants will give to
the conference and the kind of topics which are going to be discussed
during it [1].
We know that we are a movement of very committed and hardworking people,
who can make wonderful things in two weeks!

Before submitting a proposal, don't forget to read more about the
structure of the programme:

and about the kind of presentation formats we will have during Wikimania
2016 [2]:

For any suggestion about the user digest presentations you can refer to
the liaisons[3] or to me.
In the next month(s) we will set up the collection of discussions and
posters proposals.

Thank you,

General Coordinator, Wikimania 2016 Programme Committee

[1] Just to be clear: this doesn't mean that people who are presenting
during Wikimania will automatically receive a scholarship. The Programme
Committee and the Scholarship Committee are two indipendent bodies, but
we think that the process of knowing who will come and what we will talk
about should not be too disconnected.

[2] If you like colours, we also have some slides


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