There will not be streaming, but there will be recorded videos of every conference session.


On Tue, Apr 24, 2012 at 4:50 AM, WereSpielChequers <> wrote:

For budget travellers there are much cheaper options available. I found this place offering shared dorms at $24 a night. Though I don't know if its in a suitable part of DC for Wikimania, but it does seem to me that the organisers could still arrange budget accommodation. I suspect it would be better to try and block book some convenient cheap hostels rather than try to negotiate discounts at expensive hotels.

As for me, I'm beginning to think more in terms of E participation, will there be live streaming?


On 23 April 2012 08:03, Deror Avi <> wrote:
Hotel prices seem too expensive.
I went back and checked the bid:
It specificaly mentioned cheaper options - and to be specific - hostels for 48$ per night.
Most wikipedians can not afford much more (we are talking about 6 nights so 1t $180 we reach almost $1,000 for accomodations, without meals, and including flghts it may reach $2,500 per attendee).
I do not know how it is in your country, but in my opinion, most attendees can not afford that without full scholarships.


It does seem like we're being mute about things, and I do regret that.
But as a personal rule I don't like announcing things before they're
done. You have a right to complete information and that is what you
will get?once it is available.

Here is a sneak peak. We have the "official hotel" which will run
$189/night. It is a brief walk from the venue (or you could take a $6
taxi if you insist). It gets you some of the best free hotel wireless
in DC as well as continental breakfast. We will also be making a deal
with a $149/night hotel that is VERY close to the venue, but you have
to purchase breakfast. We also got a couple of hotels thrown in at
$149/night with free breakfast and wireless, but they are farther from
the venue (but we can easily arrange for group transportation). These
prices are before DC's ludicrous hotel tax. I'd also like to make some
beds in the hostel available for general consumption, but between all
the people receiving scholarships, I am not sure that can happen.

If I had my druthers, we'd have cheaper hotel rates. However, the
$189/night hotel is already at a steep discount (it normally sells for
$240 in the summer) and the $149 rate is the best you will get in
Washington, DC during the summer. It is worth noting that as a
conference we are prioritizing hotels that are close to the venue
(except for the two which are farther away, but those were too good an
offer to pass up?they're NICE hotels). You are all free men and women
and are welcome to book somewhere cheaply if you can find somewhere
cheap, since we figured that those looking to save money are going to
go to Priceline no matter what.

I shouldn't be saying this, but you may be able to get a good rate on
hotels if you book in Arlington; specifically, near the Rosslyn, Court
House, or Clarendon metro stations. Those are all on the same line as
the venue (located by the Foggy Bottom?GWU station), but are urbanized
enough areas that you don't need a car. Additionally, since they are
outside the city and in Virginia, the hotel tax is significantly
cheaper. If you're of limited means, consider booking in Arlington. If
you can afford the extra cost and would like to stay close to the
venue, adjacent to our special events and to great neighborhoods in
general, and in close proximity to other Wikipedians, please consider
the hotels we'll be promoting on our website soon.

I can't wait to see you all at Wikimania!

James Hare


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