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> I don't mean to sound daft, but Chip & PIN cards are (at least here)
> MasterCard/Visa cards with 16-digit numbers. The two are the same?

While usually true in the U.S. and UK, this isn't the norm for most of
the world. (Yes, I learned this the hard way.)


It is a headache for me to pay via credit card (send euros to the US, with bank fee / exchange penalty), then pay penalty again to pay in pounds or whatnot from US $.  Doing this is a big pet peeve and only do with great hesitation and very good reason.

Paypal is also problematic for me in europe and not an option (although it works for most people apparently)

Bank transfer would be the way to go. (me send money to Wikimedia UK or somewhere trusted)

quick google search finds http://help.eventbrite.com/customer/portal/articles/1267789-use-ideal-to-process-online-payments-for-orders

would that be an option?


Assumptions about the availability of various payment systems have
been a thorn in the side for many Wikimanias—for instance, I remember
having to explain that bank transfers aren't just uncommon in the
U.S., but actually inconvenient and often expensive. To be fair, most
people have never had to think about payment processing on a global
scale, and assumptions you learned to make five years ago may not hold
true today.

I wasn't planning to pay using a credit card, but at least I'm
fortunate enough to have that option available to me. Many others
won't—the Netherlands isn't exactly a technologically isolated
country, but revolving lines of credit aren't something your average
student here will routinely have (for instance), and our banking
system isn't centered around the credit card network. It's not my
headache, this year, but I urge the organization team to reconsider
this decision.


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