Hi guys,

I’d like to ask when we can expect the program to be completed.  I’m seriously contemplating going to Wikimania this year on my own dime and with my own miles, but I wouldn’t want to spend the money if there’s no certainty as to when the program will be completed.  I submissed a presentation proposal for this year’s Wikimania, and I presume this is the case as well with others who may possibly be able to afford going to Wikimania on their own, but can’t do so because our participation in the conference is still up in the air.

Ticket prices are not getting any cheaper, and we still have to scramble finding accommodation as well, so it would be wonderful if we can get some indication from the organizers when those last program slots will be filled.  That way, we can make appropriate arrangements if need be, or not at all if we’re not presenting.

Thanks and regards from Portland, Oregon,


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