FWIW, I used GigSky last year when travelling for about 5 weeks in Canada and USA. They seemed to offer better deals that some of the traditional telcos did and I found their speed and coverage quite satisfactory. I am planning to use GigSky again on this visit. Of course you get a better deal for a week/month than you do for a day. So if you are a big data user looking for a few days of coverage, you will find the week/month deal better than multiple daily deals.


Note I did not have to purchase a separate SIM card as I have one of those embedded SIMs in an iPad Pro that can have a data plan downloaded onto it (so I could buy my data from anywhere with a wifi signal, a most convenient arrangement rather than running around looking for a shop). For a traveller, this is a very convenient arrangement and yet many people (even Apple fanatics) seem unaware of it. If you are an Apple user, you may want to read more here:







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Here's an informative site that I have used before with various options:






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Oops, I should specify 5 dollars per day.




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While I don't have a specific suggestion, because availability varies from province to province, I will warn you that any option that includes data is quite expensive in Canada. In some cases, it may be more cost effective to buy your home provider's traveling plan. If your home provider's plan costs less than the equivalent of 5 Canadian dollars, you are getting a good deal.




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Dear fellow wikimedian specially those who reside in canada, could please let me/us know what is cheapest sim card availabe there with data package in Canada?



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