This is useful, I'll buy the 24 hour pass as you suggest. Thanks!

On 13 Aug 2017 11:34, "Mykola Kozlenko" <> wrote:

An additional note regarding the 747 bus ticket.

In fact the $10 ticket is the 1-day ticket, which is valid for unlimited travel for 24 hours from the validation. If you are not leaving immediately after Wikimania, it might be interesting for you to buy it this evening or tomorrow morning, visit the city with it during the day, and take the bus with the same ticket after it. You can buy it in any ticket booth (coins, notes or credit cards accepted).

Mykola (NickK)

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Hi Katie.

How to go to Airport from the hotel by Bus:

After you leave the hotel, walk left on Boulevard René-Lévesque O until Rue Peel, you will find a square there, in the bus stop you take the 747 (Aéroport Pierre-Elliott-Trudeau). It costs $10 (you can buy the ticket in the bus, but only in coins or pay in the totems in the street where you can pay you parking). More info here:

Also, you can go by Taxi (~ $40 dolars) or Uber (~ $25-30).

Béria L
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I don't see any information on how to get to the airport from the hotel/dorms on the wiki, only the other way round. Can somenoe point out where it is, or give some info on how/where to get tickets, what payment methods are accepted, where the stop is etc.?



Katie Chan
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