Sorry for the delay in getting back to everyone on this.

If you replied to me by email, and are an admin (if I could find your username, and your SUL), then you have made it onto [[w:en:User:DeltaQuad/Wikimania/Admin Panel]] <-- that list. It does have preliminary questions for those on the panel to answer, and I will need to have back in about a months time. If you are an administrator on another wiki, please email me and I will get you on that list. If you add yourself, that's fine too, just expect a talkpage notice from me to make sure we have everything sorted out. I still do note that any more than one per wiki, and I will take the person who deals with new editors more, and schedule the others for backups.

(I also just noticed that the submission requirement wants over 300 words, not under, so i'll be fixing that now ;) )
English Wikipedia Administrator

On 07/03/2012 03:18, DeltaQuad wrote:
Hello Everyone,

I'm looking for administrators willing to be part of a panel on editor
retention and administrative actions. The questions asked on the panel
will revolve around basic administrative action towards new editors. If
you wish I can provide a list of relative questions that will be asked
soon enough. I am looking for one administrator maximum per project. If
you are interested please drop me an email. I am particularly (but not
at all limiting) interested in other language projects if people are

Thanks, --DQ