I have never heard of him, but according to Takashi's description, it's certainly interesting if he can relate his experience to the Wikipedian community in the event of disaster, the community response in the form of a wiki website, and so forth. Even if he doesn't deserve the prime time, he should be contacted at least. Does his work also crosses path with Japanese Wikipedia, Takashi, and what's his background?


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Hi lists,

On Fri, Oct 5, 2012 at 2:21 AM, Andrew Lih <andrew@andrewlih.com> wrote:
> Here's my two cents:
> There are several ways to go. Get someone interesting for:
> 1. the Asia region
> 2. Free culture or technology
> 3. Community, Internet culture
> 4. GLAM and public knowledge

Good points.

I recommend Makoto Okamoto. After Eastern Japan Earthquake happend on
March 11, 2011, he started the activity to save museums, libraries, archives
and kominkan (community centers) from the damage of the quake.
He deserves 1 and 4 of criteria above (and some of 2 and 3, I suppose).
Although he is not a famous person outside Japan, I believe he can share how
to connect communities to change the society.

For more details, see:

--OTA Takashi [[User:Takot]]

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