with the submission deadline approaching, I wasn't able to find many discussion proposals (not counting panel discussions) where the audience is the main participant, and there is no particular speaker or expert. In a wiki-conference, that is always a surprise to me. I recall from past years it was always particularly hard to find people who are interested enough in a topic, expert enough, willing to lead a discussion, certain to visit Wikimania and able to think of it months in advance all at the same time - in other words: people who could propose a discussion session. 

So on Wikimedia, we say then: so fix it. Well, that is what I tried with an unconventional proposal: reserve a room for a full day, give me some flexibility and help, and together with a co-discussion facilitator I would be happy to volunteer to organize a full day of discussions around community topics. 

I would really like your input on this idea. You can find the proposal on https://wikimania2014.wikimedia.org/wiki/Submissions/Discussion_Room

Especially input would be welcome on:
* Suggestions on more/better good example discussion topics
* Suggestions how to organize this consultation
* Suggestions on the discussion format
* Whether this should be one full day, or two half days
* Who would be a good second discussion facilitator :)

Looking forward to your thoughts,