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Well a good work-around there is to live stream the sessions. That way no one, neither volunteers or professionals need to do anything after the conference. In Gdansk 2010 all sessions were live streamed. That no Wikimania after that has held up to that standard is confusing me. 

That is actually a good example of a bad example. :)  The sessions were indeed live-streamed, and it actually worked.  But to this day, this category is empty:

Despite the sessions _also_ being recorded, in all four tracks, the recordings have disappeared with the vendor under confusing circumstances, and several attempts to recover them have all foundered (I never found out the details); the recordings are lost to the movement to this day.

More generally, I'll say the arguments made in favor of recording (particularly by Andrew Lih, Victor Grigas, and Ed Saperia) are persuasive to me, and I'm in favor of the extra investment in the future.