To those who don't know what is meant by "considerably hotter" and "pretty hot" (;-))... according to the maximum temperatures are around 30-33 centigrades with some clouds. See also . 

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ps: for the people that still use Fahrenheit: that means 86 - 91 degrees Fahrenheit

2011/7/30 Amir E. Aharoni <>
2011/7/30 Harel Cain <>:
> Just wanted to let those of you already here or landing today: yesterday and
> today are considerably hotter than normal (perhaps the worst in the whole
> summer...), and the forecast is for temperatures to gradually decline over
> the coming week, starting already tomorrow. It will be about 5 to 6 Celsius
> degrees cooler by this time next week.
> Remember to drink *a lot* and wear a hat when out in the sun!

Tel-Aviv is pretty hot, but Haifa is better :)

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