Thank you for the stats, I will use them soon ;)


On Mon, Sep 22, 2014 at 5:35 PM, Stuart Prior <> wrote:
Guys, just a few more Wikimania 2014 stats. No comparison with previous years, but I will look for some context.

Attendance: 2014 Total (give or take + or - 5 - this is real and not made up :-)

180 of the above were volunteers
142 of the above were performers
72 of the above were press
139 Scholarship registrations (WMF,IEG,PEG and 2014 team members)
157 WMF registrations

59 different countries represented
Wikimedians/Non Wikimedians: 1076 Wikimedia project usernames given
Community Village: 35 Community Village Stalls
18 Non-Wikimedia organisations involved in Community Village

8843 to 10138 people attended Digital Revolutions exhibit at the Barbican during the conference and will have been through the Community Village.

Gender Balance by registration
64% Male
36% Female

Media Organisations attended: 72
Positive media items about Wikimania: 134
Tweets: 20,488
from 3,428 contributors
Twitter report: