It's suboptimal, but here's a video recording I took of our Wikimania 2015 session on Video Production tools (very meta).

It's an example of what you can do on the run with one camcorder, setup close the loudspeaker.

Interestingly, the video recording was processed by the video tool Manuel Schneider and I presented on (double meta!) and side loaded to Internet Archive.

I have about 5-7 other sessions recorded and will try to record more today.


-Andrew Lih
Associate professor of journalism, American University
BOOK: The Wikipedia Revolution:
PROJECT: Wiki Makes Video

On Sat, Jul 18, 2015 at 6:19 PM, Pine W <> wrote:

We may have an opportunity to try some of these tactics at a smaller scale at Wikiconference USA later this year. We have few true video cameras among the US affiliates AFAIK but perhaps WMDC, WMF and/ or WEF could rent a few for the occasion.


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