I was there, and it was great day

we made a session for people who dunno how to edit in wiki and then started the edit. it was well organized day and we made around 685 written articles by people who attended and who was editing with us from home.

On Sun, Aug 31, 2008 at 8:37 AM, Samuel Klein <meta.sj@gmail.com> wrote:
The Library of Alexandria (and Moushira and Abdel Rahman in particular) helped organize and host an Arabic Wikipedia day yesterday... if I read correctly, people contributed roughly 685 new articles in a day, and 4200 this month (increasing the project size by almost 1% in a day! and 6% this month).  I looked at a selection from today, and nothing seemed scripted, /many/ contributors added new articles, including a number of anons.  And it's good to see that the obligations imposed by the heavier volume is being taken seriously:

I think Khaled Hosny and EGLUG in Cairo helped put on their own Wikipedia day(s?) earlier in August.  There was certainly discussion of Arabic-language editing drives at Wikimania in Alexandria, but it's pretty awesome to see it taking place -- barnraisings are a good spectator sport (and motivation to practice a new language :-).  Congrats to everyone involved, browsing the results made my night.

(who heard about the event but forgot during the day, and was reminded by the sitenotice when browsing ar:wp for something quite different...)

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