Hello fellow design-interested Wikimanians,

tonight we'll have the first design meetup for anyone who is interested in, or does design on their wiki, to have a space to talk to people doing similar things (differently), exchange on resources, ask questions etc.

Let's finally connect and learn from each other!

We're meeting tonight at 7pm in room London to talk all things design and usability.

Don't forget to sign up if you're interested!

About the event:

Design happens, whether a designer is present or not.

We want to talk about how design is handled in your community, and how we can support each other to build a sustainable infrastructure to enable meaningful design contributions. The software development structures have been around for a long time and work fairly well, but there is no such thing for design and other non-code contributions.

Let's explore the design needs of the communities and work towards creating a space for mutual learning as well as a shared understanding of it. Especially because everyone has their own expertise it would be beneficial for anyone, designers, editors, developers... to learn from each other in a sustainable way by documenting workflows, methodologies, sharing tools etc. This all ties in with participatory design and it would be great to share what kinds of methods you have tried in your communities and generally exchange on our experiences and ideas.