(for the record, because there seems to be some confusion: I think it would be good to have clearity on the timeline, but I don't agree that there is an urgency to announce the jury soon - if the quality of the jury is improved by waiting a bit because we're short of candidates or any other random reason, I'm all for taking a little extra time.)


No dia 15 de Dezembro de 2011 12:15, Lodewijk <lodewijk@effeietsanders.org> escreveu:
Nah, lets not wind ourselves up unnecessarily. There is still plenty of time - as long as the winners are known around june/july. A full year should be enough to organize a Wikimania. 


No dia 15 de Dezembro de 2011 11:42, Manuel Schneider <manuel.schneider@wikimedia.ch> escreveu:

Dear all,

Am 15.12.2011 03:03, schrieb Pete Forsyth:
> On Thu, Nov 24, 2011 at 12:21 AM,
> <wikimania-l-request@lists.wikimedia.org>wrote:

>> Sure. I'm totally not going to try to rail-road this discussion (or
>> maybe it should be on-wiki?) by announcing a Jury when we're not sure
>> how we'll proceed. :-)

> I'm hoping to hear from some other folks here: should we encourage James F.
> to resume his planned course, and select/announce a jury ASAP, without
> prejudice toward the question of whether a rotation system is implemented
> after 2013?

I was a bit distracted for the last two weeks and my last status was
James' call for bids and jury members.

>From my POV we should proceed with this quickly - I remember the
discussion derailed a bit stating that the timeline is already quite
tense. While that's true it didn't help us getting to work ;-)

I know that James sent a few mails to potential jury members. My
suggestion is that he puts the names of those who agreed here:

Then we may have a short discussion / selection, define the actual jury
by the end of next week and then get things finally rolling.

My five Euro ˘.


Manuel Schneider

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