Although that did bring me to the concern Ed raised on meta: why bother with IRC anyway if the meeting are becoming almost asynchronous?

Although I do see the merits of the Sunday time: Lodewijk can only do Sunday, and since it's in the middle / right after a London meetup it might be a more logical slot for James F and the London team as well. It's just that Sunday 15 UTC makes little sense for someone on UTC +7/+8.

On Apr 14, 2012 5:41 AM, "Béria Lima" <> wrote:
Good idea Manuel :)

Now is to know which bidding groups preffer one day and which preffer the other.

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Béria Lima


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On 13 April 2012 17:39, Manuel Schneider <> wrote:
Am 13.04.2012 22:19, schrieb Ed Saperia:
> This comes as a surprise. Our team is scheduled to assemble at the new time, and many of us can't make the old time anymore, and now it's extremely short notice to change back :(

hmm, what about a compromise:

We meet at both times - Saturday 14 UTC AND Sunday 15 UTC?

The teams and jury members should decide for at least one of the times.

I know this is far from optimal but maybe we could keep both meetings
short then so it will work? At least work better than now?

Manuel Schneider

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