On 21/01/2014 04:05, Deryck Chan wrote:
We did contemplate, at one point about two weeks ago, that we shouldn't even attempt to upload the videos from Hong Kong, and just mail the 2TB external HDD with the raw footage to WMF or WMUK. Now that Andrew pointed out that downloading and keeping a copy of YouTube videos violates their TOS regardless of licence, I guess we could've just given up back then. I guess the best course of action now is that we continue uploading and editing the videos on YouTube. If someone at WMF or WMUK is willing to render and edit the videos again from scratch, we'll send them the HDD after we're done here.
What do you mean by edit? Are we just talking about combining the chunks and then rendering? If so, that's doable. The advantages of sending it to WMF however is that someone there have direct access to the server and can upload quicker / accept bigger file size.


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