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I too am concerned that the current scholarship process tends to polarize the community, and too often simply rewards long-time community members, or those who are connected to large movement entities, with free travel: rather than increasing the diversity of new voices and faces at global events.

Do we have any statistics to back up this claim?

I share a concern; it would be welcome to find it unwarranted.

The public statistics I know of are these reports: https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikimania/Scholarships/2013
That level of detail does not address either of the two stated concerns: that some recipients are not so active, and that there is limited rotation.

It would be welcome to see a count of the # of recipients who attended Wikimania for the first time; the # who received a travel scholarship for the first time; the # who were active contributors and to which {clusters of} projects.  I also find Nemo's version of transparency compelling:  In cases where scholarships are presented as an honor, the recipients are named, which also seems in the wiki-spirit.