It's pretty useless to work on it 12 months before. Technically what's
needed is to everything to be setted up and testes before the
beginning of Wikimania, and this is on-site work. Off-line all you can
say is "We need one server for the streaming, x server for the
replication, x camera etc..."

An other thing, is live streamin that important? I mean as long as
sessions are recorded do we really need to have a live streaming?
Everybody will be on a different timezone, in my opinion we should
plan and prepare a proper file streaming with all the sessions
downloadable quickly. And Streaming (file or live) is not a priority
in Wikimania organisation


im not saying that it is a major part of the conference but im saying its seen by the people who do use it and if we get feedback like this then were obviously not doing it well enough.  the main groan ive heard so far was the webpages for the feeds and this can be done offsite and before it.  if you dont want to get involved then thats fine.

i also agree that archives are a problem should be discussed for next year so as to get them up as quickly as possible.