The Wikimania 2023 Hackathon is just around the corner! This email includes some practical information that will help you prepare for the event.

General information

We will enforce the Universal Code of Conduct, Code of Conduct for Wikimedia’s Technical Spaces, and Friendly Space Policy. We recommend all participants review these policies upon arrival at the venue and in relevant online channels. A dedicated team will be available on-site to help support a safer environment for all.

A lot of practical information is available on the wiki on the Travel, Hackathon, and Venue pages. Look at these pages to prepare for the event. 

We encourage you to add yourself to the participants’ table to connect with other Hackathon attendees. When you arrive at the airport, you can use the Telegram channel (Wikimedia Hackathon) to see if others who arrived at the same time may want to share a taxi/Grab/public transport to the hotel or venue with you.


The Hackathon starts with an opening ceremony at 10:00, local time (2:00 UTC). This session will be livestreamed on Youtube. The link will be made available on the Schedule closer to the event and will also be posted to the Telegram channel.

Tuesday and Wednesday feature a dedicated newcomer program, including a newcomer orientation, mentor matching, and introductory sessions and workshops that require little to no prerequisite knowledge. Read more about this in the Format and Schedule.


We are looking forward to welcoming new contributors at the Hackathon! Regardless of your technical proficiency or experience with Wikimedia, your insights are invaluable. Everyone has the potential to mentor and guide others. Consider adding yourself to the mentor page, even if you feel you aren't an "expert." Your unique perspective or specific knowledge can greatly benefit others, making the Hackathon a richer experience for all.

If you have any questions, use the Telegram channel (Wikimedia Hackathon) to ask fellow attendees.

Looking forward to meeting you!

On behalf of the Wikimania Hackathon organizing team

Tar Lócesilion / Szymon Grabarczuk
Wikimania 2024 Core Organizing Team
Wikimania 2023 Technology Committee