I'm not sure about the nostalgia around the i, but I still think we can do better, and I'm going to sleep on it. I say we open this up to more people (I think I accidentally e-mailed only you, so I'm correcting that), through the Village Pump and other means. Sound good to you?

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The best that I can come up with right now is Wikifinity.
Well, it's a start, but it could still use some work, IMO. That's not a bad idea to play with the last i, however, but I think it could be something along the lines of WikInfinity, or similar.
Question: do we really want to use CamelCase? Wasn't the whole point of MediaWiki to do away with it? :)
[Kereluk, Darren L.] It might be the time to revisit the idea of using it. It seems that everybody and their dog is starting to use it (just read Wikipedia's own article on the subject).
I had intended to suggest Wikiverse, but that term was taken (or so says Sam Spade) as a .com already.
I was going for a Wiki affinity type thing with my suggestion, but it just doesn't work with the "i" being there. The next best thing that I can come up with now is Wikaffinity, but does the community want to lose the "i" from Wiki?

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