> I think Manuel knows _how_ to download youtube videos (youtube-dl for
> example). The point is that youtube does not _allow_ this. Check the
> youtube terms of use [1] section 5 paragraph B.

@manuel, forgive me for taking your quest to download the videos literal. I get it now. YouTube doesn't permit that.

> Nkansah, you dismiss commons and its "upload wizzard" yet you seem not
> to have followed the advice to use the tool labs video
> converter/uploader. I've used it before, it is painless.

I don't remember ever 'dismissing' the upload wizard in general. It simply _doesn't work_ when uploading videos. For pictures, from my uploads experience throughout last year, I'll give the upload wizard 10 out of 10.

> In that light I find the anti-commons soapboxing rather annoying.

What is soapboxing? I haven't tried the uploaded convertor yet. I was more concerned about using a tool I _know_ it works, before later on, trying a tool I'm _told_ it works.

I've tried enough dealing with Commons upload for some time, and I wished to save my remaining time on something that I'm sure it'll work 100.00% all the time.

The video upload convert tool on wmflab, likely is exactly what I need(ed), however I wished it was easy to find. Just recently that it was added to the How to Upload to Wikimedia Commons section, whereas there were ffmpeg commands there already.

Short story: I'll give the video upload tool a try soon. For now, I say my work is done, and unfortunately, Commons didn't make it.