Hey Pine,

you're diving way into detail here :) Maybe good to have the discussion about scholarship policies separately? Maybe after we agreed on what the goals for a Wikimania should be exactly? 


2016-07-11 14:06 GMT+02:00 Pine W <wiki.pine@gmail.com>:

A few other issues that may be worth examining:

1. Whether people who have not received a Wikimania scholarship within a certain number of years should get priority for scholarships.

2. Whether users who are from backgrounds that don't have a corresponding APG-funded affiliate that independently funds scholarships should have priority for WMF scholarships

3. What the scholarship self-reports from the past several years tell us about the benefits of Wikimania for scholarship recipients.

4. What Wikimetrics and qualitative measures tell us about Wikimania attenance for attendees as a whole and about scholarship recipients as a subgroup. For example, do we have data that demonstrates that (a) Wikimania attendees in general, and (b) scholarship recipients, were more active in the Wikimedia movement (measured quantitatively by edits and qualutatively in terms of leadership roles) after attending Wikimania for the first or second time? What can we learn from this data about the strengths and weaknesses of Wikimania as well as the current scholarship system?


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