Room Reservation and Alternative Announcement

According to the accommodation rule in the registration guideline, the organization team will make a room alternative arrangement from May 15 to May 31. To the time at this moment (22:00 May 12, UTC+8), we have 322 registrants and only 1/8 registrants had completed the process with payment. We estimate there will be more scholarship awardees and paper submitters to register in the near future. Thus, for better accommodation arrangement for the participants, we will close the accommodation reservation in the registration system temporarily and see if we could accept the accommodation reservation in June again depends on the reservation status.

To avoid that the registrant might not get the accommodation reservation, we would like to ask all participants (including scholarship winners and paper submitters) to complete your registration process now if you need a room reservation!

>From May 15 to May 31 the organization team will arrange rooms for registrants who have already paid in the following orders: A. Registrants who had completed his/her registration process with payment before May 15. B. Registrants who have completed his/her registration process with payment during May 15 to May 31. The earlier you complete the process, the sooner you will get the room reservation. Please be aware that if you have registered for attending Wikimania but still not finish the payment before May 31, the organization team has the right to cancel your room reservation.

Any further questions, you may send to

Thanks for your cooperation!

The organization team