Hi Marcin,

thank you for the heads up. Could you please give a link to where more information about those dormitories can be found, and what number of rooms you have a reservation for? That way, people can already take a look and perhaps book a room themselves elsewhere if the standards are too low to them.



2010/5/25 Marcin Cieślak <marcin@wikimania2010.pl>

A quick note regarding early or late accommodation in Gdańsk.

The budget accommodation we have now reserved in student dormitories and similar facilities
is booked from 7th till 13th of July. This includes scholarship recipients.

We are not arranging earlier stay for the Wikiexpedition participants (see http://pl.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikiekspedycja_2010/en), as those people will be moving around the region so their
accommodation should match their route.

There should be no problem, however, to stay in Gdańsk at your place before and after the date,
generally dormitories start to be available around mid-June.

During the registration you will be able to indicate your preferred stay period.

Marcin Cieslak
Wikimania 2010 Gdansk ++ http://www.wikimania2010.pl/

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