Hi Lodewijk -

Thank you very much for getting back to me. We are indeed in agreement about including some visibility for 16-25 to broaden the set of countries that get a share of the joy around the WLM international contest. With approximately 50 countries taking part, celebrating a top 25 ensures a wider reach in terms of recognizing quality beyond the top 15 winners.

For the benefit of clarity, my point is that rather than transient exposure through social media or arguably limited exposure through the jury report, I'd recommend including 16-25 as honorable mentions on the Commons winners page too as this ensures a longer-term record of the accolade. It also ensure that we are more inclusive and operate within the open structures afforded by our movement's wikis rather than 3rd party platforms, as popular as they may be in the present time.

Kind regards,


On Tuesday, April 6, 2021, 4:28:03 PM GMT+1, effe iets anders <effeietsanders@gmail.com> wrote:

Hi Toni,

We have long been debating internally how much visibility to give to runners-up. The official prizes are for place 1-15. In the past, we have decided to include 16-25 as well for the social media and sometimes jury report, because it broadens the set of countries that get a share of the joy. We typically reserved the 'official' places for the official winners (1-15). But, this is arguably just a judgement call, and I could totally imagine this falling in another direction in the future. 


On Mon, Apr 5, 2021 at 6:08 AM Toni Sant <toni.sant@wikimalta.org> wrote:
Hi Ciell + Mohammad -

Thank you for sharing these links.

I'm wondering why the honorable mentions were only announced on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) and not also announced on the WLM blog and/or Commons.  It's really great to get the word out to a wider audience but, in my opinion, we should also make sure that we keep fuller records of WM activities within the wikiverse itself.

As social media platforms are arguably transient (and certainly not as open as Commons) it would be good to have the honorable mentions captured as part of the international contest results in a way that's easy to access in  WLM natural environment, so to speak. I'd gladly contribute to this (on Commons) if others agree or the WLM international team don't have the capacity to handle this without input from the community.

For the record: I've also posted this message on the WLM 2020 winners talk page on Commons.

Thanks again and best wishes,

Dr Toni Sant
Wikimedia Community Malta

Web: http://www.wikimalta.org

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Hi all,

Please find the winners on the 2020 winners Commons-page
in the WLM blog
(Just in case I wasn't the only one who missed these links to the
collective results. 😉)

Vriendelijke groet,

Op wo 17 mrt. 2021 om 17:13 schreef Mohammad Hekmat <m.hekmat@gmail.com>:

> Hi all,
> We are about to announce the top 15 winners of the 2020 WLM
> International Edition. We will first announce the honorable mentions (ranks
> 16-25) starting at 4pm PST 3/17  in reverse order, i.e., we will start with
> the 25th place and announce one photo every 30 minutes. Once honorable
> mentions are done we will take a break and resume the final top 15
> announcement at midnight starting with rank 15 and working our way
> backwards to the top winner of the 2020 competition, which will be
> announced at 7am PST 3/18.
> You can follow the results on any of our social media channels:
> Thanks,
> Mohammad on behalf of the International WLM Team
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