Hi Tomasz,

we definitely want to encourage a federative model. So chapters run primarily a local contest, specified to the local needs (although we could create a centralized website pointing to the participating websites). Uploading will be through seperate forms for each country, but of course all on commons/flickr (ideally we would like to offer both in each country, but that is a practical detail we can work out later), so as far as that goes it is also federated. I do not believe it would be helpful if we force the chapters into a model that doesnt fit them. 



2011/1/28 Tomasz Ganicz <polimerek@gmail.com>
2011/1/26 Lodewijk <lodewijk@effeietsanders.org>:

> There are a few important points I would like to share with you:
> 1) Wiki Loves Monuments EU 2011 will be organized in a federative way - that
> means that you are responsible for organizing a contest in your own country.
> Ideally following similar principles, but there will be a lot of own
> responsibility. We do want to make it easier for you though, so if you need
> advise, we will be available; technical infrastructure can of course be
> shared.
> 2) If you are interested to participate, even if you do not know for sure
> yet, or if there are dependencies, please share that information! We created
> a table on Wikimedia Commons, [3], please fill that table with the
> information available for your country! Especially the chapter contact and
> the "want to do WLM" columns. If you have doubts and need advise, just start
> a new thread on this mailing list and we can all help each other.

I just wonder how it is going to be organised. I mean - if the local
chapters may organise local contests in their countries - and then the
winners of local contensts will be in some sort of way recognized and
prized on top-EU-level, or it is going to be centralised from the very
begininig - i.e people will upload pictures through one central
website and the results are to be judged on central level as well ?

Tomek "Polimerek" Ganicz