There are some picture in WLM CH uploaded before the start of the contest (which started the 8th September).

We have not excluded them because it will be communicated at the end of the contest the reason of the exclusion.

But there are also some photos "out of scope" (and I suppose not only in WLM CH), it means not representing the list of the objects.

It means that I agree to communicate the 1 million but not the 1000000th photo.

On Mon, Sep 22, 2014 at 2:32 PM, Sylvain Machefert <> wrote:
we've been talking on french WLM mailing list after one member showed that this year was the year the 1 000 000th WLM picture had been uploaded. Taking categories from previous years and counting using csv file from this year (after having excluded irish pictures that were uploaded before 1st septembrer and are still in the csv file), I find that 1 000 000th pictures should be :

We could argue about unchecked files, files that shouldn't be counted ... and there should be other millionth picture but if everybody agrees I think we should communicate about this specific file as the millionth one. Are there any organizers from Poland on this list that can confirm that this file is ok for their competition so that we can communicate ?

Thanks !

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