The UK jury, of three, looked through around 500 images (cut down from the original 7000 submissions).  That's not too much work for them provided they are all experienced with image evaluation and have the images downloaded so that they can use efficient rating software such as Adobe Lightroom.


Alhen ałħen
7 January 2015 15:29
I wonder if the list was first revised to eliminate all those pictures that don't stand a chance to win the contest (eg: tilted, blurred, not listed monuments, etc).

That list then should be sent to the jury. It might be a lot of pictures, but I believe that's the jury's job. If you do the preselection, then you're being part of the jury.


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Nkansah Rexford
7 January 2015 15:22
Shortlist? As we we select some of the pictures, like say 30 before the jury goes through?

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