Hi, dear colleagues!

We need some technical help.

I've created a Template Шаблон:WLM-рядок nearly the same as polish
Wikiprojekt:Wiki Lubi Zabytki/wykazy/wiersz and now I have 2 actual questions for continuing work.

1. How could I transform in automatic mode a list from a standard wiki form to templated? For example here is a table where I've templated only first 2 rows but the others have not yet. Of course whole the list must be templated but doing it by hands is too dull work.

2. How could I make in automatic mode some more complex transformations in case if I have a list with more parameters? For example here  we have 10 parametres, and only 4 of them are needed for WLM-lists and 3 are missing. So this list also need transformation, and also doing it by hands is too dull work.

The problem is that hundreds of tables need such transformations. For example only for Vinnica district we have 27 lists of historical monuments, 28 - architect, 30 - archaeology, 1 great list - memorials, and additionaly 5 are monuments in cities. All of them are to be transformed. So I need a script which could perform it.

Regards, Andrij