If I ask my jurors to select for example 40 photos they like in a round, how is the tool assisting them in this, I mean is it possible to show all those photos that got "yes" at the end and allow jurors to easily discard some of them if there is more than 40? The tool shouldn't of course know that I want 40 photos, but just present selected images neatly in one page and allow the viewer to correct his/her selection, un-tick or smth. Is this or something similar possible?

2013/10/1 David Narvaez <david.narvaez@computer.org>
On Mon, Sep 30, 2013 at 3:10 PM, Maarten Deneckere
<maartendeneckere@gmail.com> wrote:
> I notice that I always see the images in the same order in, eg on
> http://wlm.wmflabs.org/be/round/1
> Is it possible to make this random . We would use a min of 3 votes per
> pictures, I want to avoid that all three judges start with the same image.

If you configure your round to have minimum of x votes per image, when
another user logs in to start reviewing, she will see photos in order
of least scored ones first. If you want to try this, register another
user, score any vote on your test round, log out and back in with
another account and you will see that the slideshow will show your
scored image at the end.

For rounds configured as one picture - one juror an image is only
shown once to any of the jurors.

Btw, you'll notice that specifying a round with minimum of x votes is
temporarily broken since the tool doesn't ask you for the value of x,
but I'm uploading a fix in a couple of hours.

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