Hi everyone,

I had an email this morning privately pinging me to see how planning is going for Wiki Loves Monuments United States. I've had a number of people pinging me privately - I put myself in a leadership position (shocker!) and now I have to sadly back out of it.

I was hoping I could have a big role in planning this years Wiki Loves Monuments US, I fear that I cannot at this time. Anyone who knows me personally, knows that I have a habit of dedicating myself to projects, generally following through, but, stressing myself beyond the norm to achieve said project. Well, that isn't going to be able to be what happens this time.

Wiki Loves Monuments US needs a volunteer organizer who has the time, experience and ability to help spearhead this event that has the time.

I think the United States will benefit greatly from a volunteer organizer for this event. While I was hoping I could help be that person, I can't.  So if anyone would like to, please step up! I know we have great leaders in our US movement and I've been amazed by the folks who have signed up on the Commons page.

Why do I have to send this email? Currently I am in the heat of major deadlines and project(s) with my fellowship at the Foundation, I'm preparing to start my second job this semester at the Smithsonian Archives and I am attending school full time this semester in order to obtain my master's - oh and finishing my thesis, and there are GLAM WIKI obligations that I am traveling for when I have the time. I'm also active in other non-profits (what?!). Oh, and I'm going to most likely be moving from Washington come June. Oh, and yes, I have a personal life, and it'd be nice to have that too ;-)

Last night I had a dream that I lost my camera. Perhaps that was a sign that I had to send out this email.

Thanks and I hope someone who lives in the States, has the time and energy can step up to lead the energized group of volunteers who want to see this great project succeed! (And of course, there is always next year). I will be participating, I just have to limit my role this year and see what I can provide after graduation in late May.


Sarah Stierch
Wikimedia Foundation Community Fellow
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