> Op 20-7-2011 18:10, Nicole Ebber schreef:
> > Hi all,
> >
> > Tomasz and I have found several companies who could print our t-shirts
> > at reasonable prices (5,50 Euro per Shirt).
> That's for a good quality shirt and printing from and back in 3(?)
> colours? That's a good deal :-)
> > My suggestion is to have black shirts with the wlm logo and url
> > ( on the front and the wikipedia logo on the
> > back (very small, right under the neck). I would use the same shirt
> > for all countries, without any specific dates and locations. What do
> > you think?

> Good idea. I love KISS, but doesn't that look a bit redundant?
> contains "Wiki Loves Monuments" and the url too...

Perhaps a QR code on the t-shirt can help you start an interesting conversation :-)