Hello everyone!

First, I'd like to notify you that the WLM-i mid-point report is now available on Meta here.

In no less than 7 weeks, we have the deadline for our next grant request for the upcoming WLM competition 2023. Within the team we have spoken about the financing model on several occasions, and I also want to use this opportunity to get your ideas about this.

The international team is considering asking our current fiscal sponsor Wikimedia Austria to include the annual budget for WLM-i in their multi-year grant. We would be putting terms and conditions in writing, and WLM will stay an independent organized competition. But it would save the international team time to not have to write a grant request for new funds and 2 reports on the same competition every year (with all communications before and after that come with these requests and reports).

A more extensive explanation is available on the mid-point report talkpage here: it would be great to collect your input and ideas on the topic.